Africa VENTURES is a Joint program of Spero in Japan and Afrika Transition Hub in Kenya,  aiming to build startups and startup ecosystem in Africa.

Jeffery FEREZY
Executive Director, Afrika Transition Hub

Jeffery is a Transition & Leadership Expert, and the Executive Director of Afrika Transition Hub that seeks to provide transition solutions for 1 million graduates in Africa by 2030 with a focus on the Youth as they transition from institutions of learning to the world of work and between their Careers.
He is Passionate about transformational leadership and youth engagement in matters employability and entrepreneurship. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing. He possesses immense relevant knowledge in management and project planning at the community level with a focus on Transition, Youth and Leadership in Africa.

" According to the African Development Bank, 10 to 12 million youth in Africa enter the workforce every year, while only about 3.1 million jobs are created. As Africa VENTURES, we are convinced that startups play an essential role in developing innovative solutions to address existing and emerging issues across the world. We believe supporting young entrepreneurs through incubator and accelerator programs is key in providing a strong startup ecosystem for their businesses. This is important because young entrepreneurs are able to develop their businesses by benefiting from a full range of services including; training, mentorship, financing, and office spaces."

— Jeffery FEREZY

Co-Founder/ Director , Afrika Transition Hub

Moses is the Co-Founder/ Director Corporate Affairs at Afrika Transition Hub. He is passionate about Leadership, Mentorship and Governance through which he inspires the youth to discover develop and deploy their potential.
He holds a B.A Communication (PR & Marketing) from Daystar University and certified in Project Management by MSI Institute. A successful communication, sales and marketing professional, his philosophy is anchored on people-centered approaches for empowered and impactful living. When not hard at work he enjoys advocacy.

Achievements include:

  • Delegate: 2021 ‘Kenya-German: International Development Seminar’.
  • Delegate: National Youth Policy Review (contributor to the ‘The 2019 Africa Youth Declaration communique’.
  • Pitching successfully for a multimillion investment at “Lion’s Den”
" SMEs, entrepreneurs, and young people are the primary drivers behind Africa’s fast-growing economies due to a young and fast-growing population. However, a consistent trend in young graduates failing to get placement, limited orientation in enterprise and lack of capital increase the threat for the continent’s socio-economic progress. Africa Ventures stems from a belief in entrepreneurship and innovation, driven by young people to play a significant role in accelerating living standards and social progress in Africa by meeting the needs of the people. Our vision is to equip potential entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to start and scale their business strategies, enter new markets, and improve local job opportunities,” We look forward to supporting the development of entrepreneurs that seek to offer solutions to fundamental challenges affecting Africa by, careful adaptation for entrepreneurs, a Market-driven approach for small business owners, effective capacity development, rigorous measurement and continuous learning.Viva Africa! "


CEO, SperoVisiting professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design

Hikari is a founder/CEO of Spero, an incubation platform which aims to solve social issues. Cooperating with both central and local government, corporations, and universities, she define social challenges, raise entrepreneurs addressing them, and support their ideas transforming into business. She is also engaged in several startups by herself as a founder/director.
Additionally, she is a visiting professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, teaches “entrepreneurship and social design
Previously Hikari was a community manager of Beyond Next Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on advanced technologies. Also Hikari founded BRAIN PORTAL, a market network for hardware startups to connect them with hardware experts and factories. She graduated from Keio University majoring in faculty of policy management, sub-majoring comparative literature.

new business development, entrepreneurship education, brainstorming new ideas, strategy, product development, social design, sales, business operations, matching business, general management, career consulting

" I've been engaged in supporting social entrepreneurs developing their ideas into business in Japan. I am very excited to bring and adopt our experience and methodology to Africa.What is business development? I think it is about building a structure of mutual connection and support of human beings. When you find someone in need, you somehow figure out the way to help him/her out, try and improve the solution again and again until you actually help him/her. That is the process of starting a business.We live in the era that self-fulfilment or personal happiness cannot be achieved without social contributions.Covid-19 remind us that stakeholder capitalism is an urgent imperative, a critical shift that is required for all of us to be engaged environmental, social and governance (ESG) change.I cannot wait to meet enthusiasts and couldn't be happier to support your brilliant ideas turning into business which contribute to Africa and the world.If we can imagine it, we can actualize it."


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